Software Developer


My name is Denis Rudov. I am a web developer. More than for a 10 years I develop a modern web applications by using of popular technologies and tools.

In a development of the web applications I use a modern frameworks for the backend such as NodeJS (JavaScript), Yii 2 (PHP), Python and Java (Android). Frontend also should be enough responsible. For this goal AngularJS is pretty good.

Sure the speed of a development is also very high thanks to using not only frameworks but also to the packet managers such as Composer and NPM

I have special relations with GIT - versions manager. Any project: it might be a small promo site or a huge e-comerce solution in any case I use GIT as a manager to be sure that every version of the code is stored. Every project has the own bug tracking system.

Every application should have the same view on any device. For this requirement I give the highest priority. You will be sure that the application will be the same and as expected on every screen. For the fast prototyping I use the Bootstrap - as universal framework for the frontend. Thanks to him you can be sure that your application will be shown identically well on every screen.